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Website builder, best web app builder, best website constructor is a website builder that allows ANYONE to construct the best high-performance websites or web applications. Or we can build your website for you, for $299 for the day.

To build your own website with Pages network Website builder, simply fill a series of fields with colour choices, font choices, banner choices, button choices content and image or video attachments, and other basic selections and data inputs.

The system will guide you on how many words to use on a page, how many characters in a heading and so forth and so on, such that your website will be completely optimized upon completion and ready to take on the world. Or as previously mentioned, you can request support on anything, inside the builder tool.

You will receive structure & advice on Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads optimization, and Social media optimization along the journey of your website construction also.

To make your website live you will need to host it with Pages Network for $15 /week which includes, fast hosting, unlimited pages, unlimited bandwidth, “one-click” conversion functions, “leave-the-page pop-up” conversion functions, “click to reveal” phone call tracking, live chat, messenger chat, SSL security certification, updates support, malicious attack protection, 99% uptime, & general hosting support.

Your URL/Domain is SEPARATE and always YOURS. Purchase that at Godaddy or similar. When you have purchased hosting here ($15/week) we will send you our “name-server” details and you can ask your domain provider to "point your domain to the name-server (xxxxxx)” which will, in essence, connect your URL/domain to your website creation here and your website will be LIVE, in all its glory. If ever you wanted to stop the service you can stop paying the $15 via the cart; in this instance, your website will not be live any longer until payment recommences. We Recommend avoiding having your website out of action and try to stick to the same name, address, and phone number in your contact details as much as possible for the search engines.

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WEBSITE SETUP - Get 1 hour of FREE Keyword strategy.
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SEO MANAGEMENT - Get FREE Google indexing for your first project. Normally $50 + GST
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SOCIAL MANAGEMENT - Get a FREE tutorial about how to use Social Media to market your business for free.
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HOW DOES IT WORK? The website builder allows you to easily manage any parts of your website development & marketing that you can handle yourself for free and engage Pages Network for anything else with small service payments depending on what you need and only if/when you need it.
WEBSITE PERFORMANCE: Your website will be a complete, hard-coded, clean, fast, highly optimised data machine, with cutting edge conversion capabilities which Googles bots will warm to.
SUPPORT: We offer well-priced bite sized options if you need custom concepts or design/tech. From logo’s, designs, SEO, Social Media, Google Ads and technical support for websites/apps/software developments.
HOSTING? Your Pages Network website codes will be hosted by Pages Network. The files are not releasable to host elsewhere. Which means you never have to worry about hosting issues again, or malicious attack, or the website breaking when you update it… we take care of everything. You can take comfort that your website files are CLEAN CODES that Google can understand and rank.
  1. Build your website with as many pages and blogs as you like, advancing your SEO.
  2. Conversion features like “one-click conversions” (capturing your visitors email addresses), “Message us By Text” (capturing mobile phone numbers), “Pop up conversions”, “click to reveal phone numbers” to track number of connects, “Live Chat” and more…
  3. The system will guide you on everything you need to know during the development.
  4. Your website will not be tired and slow, the tech is clean and the hosting is fast.
  5. Only pay for what you need when you need it with free SEO & Social advice in the platform and ability to buy small quantities of services on your preferred schedule at prices managed by you.
HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? It’s $0 to get started building your website/s and $15/week for hosting. You can use the buy options at the bottom of each web page you build to gain support on design, tech, content, back linking, blogging and more, if and when you need it.